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PHD Pharma Whey HT + Eco 2lb - 36 Servings

Manufacturers: PHD , SALE
4,900.00 (PKR)
6,500.00 (PKR)
Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Isolate blend Contains added Leucine peptides for a superior muscle building effect Soya free and suitable for vegetarians
Halal PhDUK GrassFedCow

What is PhD Pharma Whey HT+?

Pharma Whey HT+ is a high protein, low carb and low-fat Protein shake. Pharma Whey HT+ packs 37g protein per super serving and is available in Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Crème and Strawberry Crème.

Who is PhD Pharma Whey HT+ for?

Pharma Whey HT+ is perfect for those looking for a quality source of protein, post workout without the additional carbohydrates. As Pharma Whey HT+ only contains 196 k/cal per super serving (2 scoops) it is flexible in the sense that it can be used to build lean muscle, drop un-wanted body fat, or a bit of both! Pharma Whey HT+ is also suitable for vegetarians and is also soya and gluten free.

The Benefits of PhD Pharma Whey HT+

Pharma Whey HT+ is comprised of Whey Protein concentrate, isolate & hydrolysed whey protein isolate; 3 types of protein that absorb into the bloody stream quickly therefore taking Pharma Whey HT+ post workout is hugely beneficial as it has a fast absorption rate. Additionally, if you are not seeking additional carbohydrates in your protein shake, Pharma Whey HT+ is the ideal option as it only contains 4.8g.


Direction For Use

Pharma Whey HT+ is most commonly used post workout due to its fast acting nature when specifically taken with water. However, Pharma Whey HT+ is also used throughout the course of the day as a quick shake, on the go to bump up your quality protein intake.

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