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PHD Intra BCAA 450 G - 30 Servings

Manufacturers: PHD , SALE
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4/1/1 BCAA quantitative relation providing very important intra exercise protein that Helps preserve muscle tissue throughout onerous training/workout. Use in course of any intense exercise
Halal PhDUK
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What is PhD Intra BCAA+?

Intra BCAA+ is a distinctive and innovative branched chain amino acid drink developed with Instantised BCAAs, CocoMineral™ coconut water Extract, Hydrolysed Whey Isolate, L-Glutamine and vitamin C.

Intra BCAA+ is out there in four fruity flavour options: Coconut & Mango, Coconut & Lime, Fruit punch and Watermelon, ideal for whenever you want a refreshing intra-workout boost.

Who is PhD Intra BCAA+ for?

Ph.D. Intra BCAA+ is right for men and women who need a refreshing BCAA and solution drink to assist stop muscle breakdown throughout exercise. Ph.D. Nutrition Intra BCAA+ is appropriate for vegetarians and is tailor manufactured to be used throughout your travail/workout to assist you win your body goals.

Advantages of PhD Intra BCAA+:

Nutrition Intra BCAA+ is developed with premium hydrolysed whey isolate to assist deliver seven(7) grams of essential branched chain amino acids per fifteen(15) gram serving, with additional 2400mg of L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is that the most abundant amino acid found within the body. It’s a not absolutely essential amino acid, which implies our bodies use additional of it throughout exercise compared to the amount our bodies are synthesising.

Intra BCAA+ additionally includes CocoMineral™ - A coconut water extract that contains the key electrolytes sodium & potassium, serving to you to make full those electrolytes lost through sweat once physical exertion.

Additionally to the current, PhD has additionally enclosed vitamin C into Intra BCAA+ formula, that is thought to assist scale back tiredness and fatigue.

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Directions To Be Used

Intra BCAA+ is intended to be used throughout any reasonably travail/workout to assist increase branched chain amino acid intake and recharge electrolyte stores.

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