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PHD Amino Drive 300 G - 30 Servings

Manufacturers: PHD , SALE
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PhD Amino Drive is a nice tasting amino acid drink, with added alkaloid/Caffeine which will be used as an all day, anytime energy drink to assist fuel your performance goals.
Halal PhDUK
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The problem with energy is that a lot of people will not agree precisely what the word extremely means that. Some can see energy as a fast spike of energy that gives a heavy and intense impact for 1-2 hours, then slides away. Others can see it as "being energised" for the complete day in an exceedingly manner that's steady nevertheless drip feeds our body and brain to permit us to focus well on our daily tasks, together with the time within the gymnasium.


PhD believes that there are many alternative definitions of energy, within the context of your life, be it daily or over an extended amount of time. However the main target and why we would like to be "energised" is to be ready to vie and perform at our greatest.  

This is the time PhD Amino Drive comes into your day. 

It's an excellent tasting organic compound/Amino Acid drink, with more alkaloid/Caffeine that may be used as an all day, anytime energy drink to assist fuel your performance goals. It is not attending to spike adrenalin  levels (so you hit the roof and so crash hard), neither is it attending to "pretend" to provide you energy by throwing plenty of sweet carbs down your neck.

Containing 7.9g of a performance-driven organic compound mix with more Vitamin C (great for serving to keep you healthy and ready to keep grinding laborious within the gym), it's extremely an excellent substitute to Coffee or Tea for those searching for some Protein to travel with their great tasting, refreshfully cold energy supply (you should combine this with ice cold water!). It's a light alkaloid hit to up energy levels while still following a tailored nutritionary set up.

Developed for the performance-driven (but conjointly perfect for those that simply wish to remain focussed and provide their best despite whether or not they are smashing out bench press PB's or not), Amino Drive contains all 9 essential amino acids, has solely 59 calories per serving and tastes great.

Directions To Be Used

The wonder of Amino Drive® is that the wide selection of customers it appeals to. Most people drink Coffee and therefore the majority of you are doing it for energy or a pick me up.  

Amino Drive® does the same, however it supercharges the advantages by providing amino acids, BCAA's and Vitamin C, thus consider it as a heavy man or woman's, muscle building coffee-replacement. 

It is also cold and refreshing, that is an additional bonus! 

To use within the simplest of the way, simply add one scoop to 300ml of ice cold water and shake to drink. However if you wish to urge a small amount additional ingenious, this product (like PhD’s pre workourt range) lends itself bright to serving exploration.

Strive creating ice lollies with it in summer (just purchase a simple lollipop mould), strive even making Amino Drive slush puppies (blend with less water and a few ice for an excellent middle afternoon frozen energy lift).

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