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Mass XL conveys over 140g of value starches as Cluster Dextrin™ and Maltodextrin , which when taken post exercise can permit your muscles to recover after focused energy or dependable exercise.

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When you are in the mass game, quality calories are KING! It’s all about big weights, big meals and even bigger shakes, which is where CNP Mass XL steps in. Trying to fuel serious growth isn’t easy, it can leave you constantly chasing calories and there is only really so many meals you can physically eat. What then?

CNP Pro Mass or CNP Mass, our original cnp weight gainer has been the industry go-to product for those looking to add strength and size for the last 20+ years. It has been providing the extra quality calories needed when whole food just isn’t enough. However, progress can never come quick enough which is why we are excited to bring you our most innovative, highest calorie weight gainer to date, CNP Mass XL. Much more than just a CNP weight gainer, but an intelligent mass gainer with added Performance and Digestion blends to build more muscle, improve recovery and optimise gut health.

Mass and Mass XL, what are the differences?

CNP Mass gainer XL is the industry category leader and our most calorie dense, best tasting mass gainer to date. With 33g of protein per serving from 4 high quality, amino acid rich sources combined with a huge 142g carbohydrate matrix for maximum glycogen replenishment and energy. It has the ability to take your calorie intake higher than ever before, meaning you leave no stone unturned in your journey to add size and muscle mass.

Our unique Performance Blend of ingredients adds more weight to the formula’s ability to build muscle. These ingredients take the efficacy of the formula way beyond calories alone.


GLUTAMINE                                   6900MG

LEUCINE                                          4000MG


ISOLEUCINE                                    2000MG

VALINE                                            2000MG

MAGNESIUM                                  375MG (100% NRV)

ZINK                                                 10MG (100% NRV)

Finally we have taken careful consideration of your digestion, with the goal of optimising your ability to efficiently make use of the additional calories in the shake and the rest of your diet. Afterall its not just want you consume, it’s what you absorb that makes the difference. This is done using our carefully selected digestion blend.