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Manufacturer: CNP
Our one of a kind Performance Blend of fixings adds more weight to the formula's capacity to fabricate muscle. These fixings take the adequacy of the formula far past calories alone.

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At the point when you are in the mass game, quality calories are KING! It's about huge loads, huge suppers and surprisingly greater shakes, which is the place where Mass XL steps in. Attempting to fuel genuine development isn't simple, it can leave you continually pursuing calories and there is just actually so numerous dinners you can truly eat. What at that point?

Professional Mass or Mass, our unique weight gainer has been the business go-to item for those hoping to add strength and size for the last 20+ years. It has been giving the additional quality calories required when entire food simply isn't sufficient. In any case, progress can never come speedy enough which is the reason we are eager to present to you our generally creative, most fatty weight gainer to date, Mass XL. Substantially more than simply a weight gainer, however a wise mass gainer with added Performance and Digestion mixes to fabricate more muscle, improve rehabilitation and streamline gut fitness.


  • Muscle Growth.
  • 700+ Calories Per Serving.
  • 31g Protein Per Serving.
  • 5 Servings Per 1KG

Mass XL is the business classification pioneer and our most calorie thick, best tasting mass gainer to date. With 33g of protein per serving from 4 top caliber, amino corrosive rich sources joined with an enormous 142g sugar grid for most extreme glycogen recharging and energy. It can take your calorie consumption higher than at any other time, which means you investigate every possibility in your excursion to add size and bulk.


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