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Applied Nutrition Flavo Drop 38 ml

Manufacturer: Applied Nutrition
Zero Calories, Carbohydrates and Sugar
Vegetarian Friendly
Halal Certified Product
100% Natural Flavoring
Halal UKFlag Tested Vegan
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Zero Calories, Carbohydrates & Sugar
Vegan Friendly
Halal Certified Product
100% Natural Flavouring



Natural Flavouring, Deionised Water, Sweetener (Sucralose).
Banana: Natural Colouring (Curcumin Extract E100).
Blackcurrant: Natural Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162).
Bubblegum: Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162).
Cherry: Natural Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162, Curcumin Extract E100).
Chocolate: Natural Colouring (Caramel E150a, Beetroot Extract E162).
Lemon: Natural Colouring (Curcumin Extract E100).
Mixed Berry: Natural Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162).
Orange: Natural Colouring (Annatto Extract E160b, Curcumin Extract E100).
Passion Fruit: Natural Colouring (Annatto Extract E160b, Curcumin Extract E100).
Raspberry: Natural Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162).
Strawberry: Colouring (Beetroot Extract E162, Curcumin Extract E100).
Toffee Caramel: Natural Colouring (Caramel E150a).
Vanilla: Natural Colouring (Caramel E150a).


Each cluster of this item is tried for prohibited substances under a checked program. Items go through thorough testing at an ISO 17025 authorize lab to give the most significant level of confirmation that they are more secure for competitors to utilize.


Check with a certified wellbeing proficient prior to utilizing this item in case you are younger than 18, pregnant or nursing a child, or on the other hand in the event that you have any known or suspected clinical condition(s) or potentially are taking any remedy or OTC medication(s). Not to be utilized as a substitute for a changed eating routine and sound way of life. Store this item in a cool dry spot, away from youngsters. Try not to surpass the proposed use. For allergens see fixings in Bold.


This item was fabricated in a GMP office under severe quality control to guarantee steady great that meets the prerequisites of the advertising approval (MA) or item determination.

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