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Scitec ULTRA AMINO 200 Capsules

Manufacturer: Scitec Nutrition
2,900.00 (PKR)
Full spectrum amino formula made up of a rich, high-quality milk protein
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Ultra Aminos is a full spectrum amino formula made up of a rich, high-quality milk protein contained in easy to use capsules. They contain a combination of essential amino acids (EAAs) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which can be taken between meals, immediately after training or before bed as a supplement to encourage lean muscle gain and to reduce muscle soreness.

The mixture of EAAs and BCAAs make Ultra Aminos the ideal supplement as these are not produced naturally in the body so need to be obtained through diet. For those with a more intense exercise regime, it’s crucial that the body gets enough of these essential and branched-chain amino acids to promote quick recovery and promote hormone regulation and energy preservation.

How is Ultra Amino useful to my workout?

Due to the blend of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, adding Ultra Aminos to your already established routine will help to support recovery for your muscles, prevent muscle breakdown and reduce muscle soreness.

For a supplement that contains all the amino acids you need to keep your body running at full capacity, Ultra Aminos is the all-inclusive and best capsule for the job.


Serving size: 2 capsules
  Amount per serving RI%*     Amount per serving RI%*
Energy 17 kJ 0%   Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
  4 kcal     of which Sugars 0 g 0%
Fat 0 g 0%   Protein 1.0 g 2%
of which Saturates 0 g 0%   Salt 0.03 g 1%
Amount per serving
Amount per serving
L-Alanine 29 mg   L-Lysine** 77 mg
L-Arginine 34 mg   L-Methionine** 29 mg
L-Aspartic Acid 67 mg   L-Phenylalanine** 49 mg
L-Cysteine 4 mg   L-Proline 104 mg
L-Glutamic Acid 210 mg   L-Serine 58 mg
Glycine 18 mg   L-Threonine** 40 mg
L-Histidine** 29 mg   L-Tryptophan** 11 mg
L-Isoleucine** 51 mg   L-Tyrosine 54 mg
L-Leucine** 90 mg   L-Valine** 66 mg
*RI%: Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)
**Essential amino acids: 442 mg


Sodium Caseinate (from Milk), Bovine Gelatin, Color (Titanium Dioxide)


As a food supplement take 1 serving daily (2 capsules) in between meals, right after training or before bedtime. Additional servings can be used a day.


Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, gluten, soy, peanuts, nuts, fish and crustacean ingredients.


Anyone looking for a high-quality amino acid in an easy to take, capsule format.

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