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Muscle Army Tank 1440 gm

Manufacturer: Muscle army
5,200.00 (PKR)
Formula is based on a 50%-50% fusion of high-quality milk proteins: our protein blend is half Whey Protein and half undenatured Micellar Casein.
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Time to stop has not yet come! There are unfinished business, which immediately await a logical conclusion. It's time to gain a confident victory. If someone is going to stop, then not you! You have only one way - to confidently and persistently go to the end, to victory, winning more and more centimeters of the desired volume of muscles. You are definitely confident that you are capable of much, since from now on you have reliable "armored vehicles", a real "tank" that will pave you a confident path to victory, to a "cloudless" result! Do not exchange for a scanty result, everything that you have planned is real and even more. The perfect result will not take long to wait, and you will loudly celebrate the absolute success! 

 Your personal "tank" is ready for war. He confidently takes a course to immediately destroy the mass of obstacles - weakness, exhaustion, fatigue, to ridiculously small, unsatisfactory result. And you, together with him, in tandem, are ready to win again and again.


Impeccable Tank gunker from a well-known manufacturer who has long won the popularity and unanimous recognition of sports fans in the world of sports nutrition, MUSCLE ARMY (Scitec Nutrition) is always two "heads above" such competitor products. His surprisingly active and incredibly effective formula "50 to 50" consists of an advantageous, biologically valuable combination of protein obtained from premium whey and natural micellar casein. Such a successful "tandem" gives a high-quality protein matrix of balance, versatility and completeness. Thanks to a powerful protein mixture, Tank will immediately bring you to the "finish line", help to increase your result in the hall. Radically new, incredible, immediate results - the MUSCLE ARMY geezer challenges your muscles, And they begin to "try", gaining more and more volume. As a result - an excellent anabolic effect, a real increase in physical indicators. Check yourself for what this powerful sports "armored car" is capable of!

In addition to the two main components of the excellent protein complex, the "design" of the heiner is enhanced by a special component - micronTec finely ground creatine monohydrate, whose action is directed at the intensive performance of short exercises (lifting weights, active aerobics). 

 The composition of this magnificent sports complex is also pleasantly supplemented with a beneficial dose of L-arginine (a precursor of nitric oxide) and also a good portion of vitamin C, that is, a professional team of specialists from MUSCLE ARMY did everything possible to prevent muscle growth stopping, and you - to get out of the way . High activity and proven, proven effectiveness of each component favorably affects the transformation of the musculature in the right direction, and you will soon be able to "reap the harvest" of the works.

The high-efficiency Tank heiner has a powerful influence on the athlete's body, which manifests itself in the following:

• gives a new excellent opportunity for the body to fight fatigue and fatigue;

• Fills the body with a good amount of protein and glycogen;

• a large reserve of energy resources will come;

• charitable way contributes to the forced increase in the new muscular volume;

• normalizes, approximating to an ideal condition protein synthesis in the body;

• contributes to the excellent maintenance of immunity and the activity of the nervous system;

• perfectly copes with the function of adjusting hormonal activity;

• takes an active part in the process of cell division;

• increases strength and endurance by several orders of magnitude;

• performs the function of maintaining the blood pressure in an excellent manner;

• Stabilizes the functioning of enzymes involved in the digestive process;

• promotes increased formation of red blood cells;

• optimally raises the athlete's physical performance. 

Allow a powerful "tank" to go to the "battlefield" for an ideal, sculptural body. This extra-powerful "armored car" will mercilessly "break down" the weakness of fatigue and the desire to "slough" off the training, as the magnificent result you have longed for is just around the corner. And now everything is only in your hands. From now on only you control your body and its capabilities. High-grade geyner surely reliably supports you and becomes a real panacea from the opportunity to get a scanty result in the hall. Therefore do not hesitate, hurry up and buy Scitec Nutrition MUSCLE ARMY Tank 1440 g, win, finally, an absolute victory and get it to hold!